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REVIEW: Rainswept, Unraveling a Murder Mystery



We all like mysteries..

Maybe it’s the allure of the unknown. Or our need as humans to find the answers to questions that we may not completely understand or don’t know how to solve.

Rainswept a title by developer Frostwood Interactive plays on these themes whilst combining them with others such as love, relationships and the type of trauma that when experienced can have the power to chip away at a person, in this case the main character Detective Michael Stone.

The game is powerful in its ability to provide scenes, dialogue and characters that the gamer can relate with. Maybe you’ve experienced a profound loss that has rewrote the way your entire life works, maybe you live with guilt about something that occurred a long time ago, struggle with a broken heart or even wish you could change the way a friendship ended. If not now, at one point in time, we have all known these things and because of that, have had to work through them.

This combined with the art style and soundtrack define the experience, but in a positive way. Although there is no voice based dialogue, I found myself completely immersed in the experience, and numerous times I actually forgot where I was, caught on the edge of my seat, paranoid about where the story was heading. Sometimes it can be hard to draw someone in, especially if you execute your game in a way that doesn’t properly connect with the person engaging with it. In this area, Rainswept does nothing but succeed.

Let’s talk more about the overall experience

The game starts off strong, placing the player right outside of a crime scene in a small town. The stereotypical behavior of a small town fits, people are whispering and others mutter beneath their breath all whilst the tragedy of a murder mystery lurks in the air.

It becomes known quickly who the main characters are, but the developers were smart, this is a small town and because of that, the protagonist sees the same faces each day and as a result, we get to know them.

We also learn to look beneath the surface, question those who may seem innocent and all whilst doing so get to play through the love story of the two souls who were lost in this heart wrenching tragedy. Again, opening the doors to allow the player to grow attached and ultimately feel sadness about these people that are no longer strangers, they are characters you’re invested in.

This is an area of the game that really stands out.

The story is a compliment to the 2D graphics and mesmerizing soundtrack, they all neatly fit together like a well constructed puzzle.

Let’s sum this up.

One of the only negatives I had about this game personally was the map. Now it’s laid out well but sometimes getting to areas you haven’t been too for awhile can be confusing, and you’re left running around in circles thinking “wait… where was that place again?”

Apart from that, Rainswept itself is a well rounded title with an experience that is earnest in its ability to showcase a piercingly relatable narrative.

That is where it truly shines.

(If you are interested in the game, you can check out the trailer down below, or click here to head over to its Steam store page.)

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