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REVIEW: Days Gone



I started days gone with no real bias involved, was not really expecting anything.

I try to do that with every game I review as I would like to be as objective as possible, so I was a good bit surprised at how much I have enjoyed this game, not surprised because Bend is a bad studio, just surprised because the Zombie area has been covered so it was a good shock. But for this review I am going to go over certain areas and try to keep it as clean as possible.

Deacon St James

I really like Deacon, he comes off as an actual biker, I have met a few old time bikers and their gruff and ruff demeanor is pulled off really well here. I enjoy that he talks and mumbles to himself, it seems fitting for someone to do in a world over run by things constantly trying to eat or kill you.

The Relationship

I thought the relationship between Deacon and his wife was real, it feels like I know people who were/ are like them. From the corny one liners from her to him to the joking back and forth I think this is what relationships are like, a bit corny, a bit real, a bit scary and fun.

The Gameplay

I mean, the gameplay was not revolutionary, it did not change the way we use and see games, but it did not make it worse either, I do not think it was clunky, I think it was average, no better, no worse then most other games.  I did how ever really enjoy how easy it was to handle things at certain areas, like fighting and shooting and while it was not game changing, it made it easier for me to be a part of the world as apposed to trying to figure out how to just survive it.

The World

I love the world here, I thought it was really grimy, and I thought at any time something could jump out and want to eat me or want to attack me, the weather system was awesome, and it was fun just driving around and seeing things and doing things.

The Score

I am not a big score fan, of games in general. Not sure why but it is not something I pay super close attention to, I think they did a good job here because it did not stand out so it went well with what was happening in the game.

The Bad

The game is not revolutionary, but they do not all have to be. It was fun. You can also tell a lot of heart went into it from the studio, I think when that shows in a game then you can appreciate it a bit more, There is some bad things in it though, there was some bugs like floating guns and bouncing Zombies, that I really hope gets worked out. Some parts seemed tedious because it felt repetitive, and there was some parts that you just felt like you have done before.

Final Thoughts

The game is fun, that to me is what games are supposed to be, it has its flaws but it also has its moments. I think if you want a world to roam, full of crazy people and crazier Zombies then this game is for you.

Score – 8/10

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Will P.

    May 1, 2019 at 10:39 pm

    I just started playing it the other day. I have gone in with the same mindset. I was not expecting anything from it. I was just giving it a try since I am burned out on other titles and the ones I am waiting on don’t come out till the end of the 3rd quarter or the 4th even. With that being said, I am REALLY enjoying it! I don’t want to give out any spoilers but I think people need to hop on board. Sure it is nothing “new” but the gameplay and the story thus far have been great.

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