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2020 Predictions: A Look Inside My Crystal Balls



Okay, so while I was sitting in front of my monitor searching for information on Saints Row 5 or GTA 6 I decided that I should probably wipe the disappointment off of my face and see if I can guess some of the announcements that will happen in 2020. So 2020 so far is a big year, we will get a new console, possible 2 and we have a new Watch Dogs, Cyberpunk 2077 and I forget how many other titles coming out, but as a gamer I can say I want more, I mean sure it sounds like we should be satisfied but unless we have a new adventure to go on, will we ever be?  Probably not. So here are my predictions for 2020!!

Prediction #1: Fable 4

Fans want this bad, we know someone is working on something somewhere and everyone expected it at e3 this year and the fact we did not get it only puts more pressure on e3 next year for an announcement and possibly gameplay. The sad part is if it is not announced at least in 2019 then we probably won’t see a release until 2021. I hope we get to go back to Albion sooner then that but the odds are not likely.

Prediction #2: Rockstar Announcement

I heavily debated on this as I know Rockstar likes to make announcements at the end of the year, around Oct/Nov and that means we could get an announcement this year. I just don’t think it will happen yet. I think it will be next-gen and I will go out on a limb far enough to say they wouldn’t want to release a game first year of next-gen unless they we’re double genning like with GTA 5 or they would get nowhere near the sales they always expect being who they are. I have lost track of where I am going with this, so I will finish this one with 2020 Rockstar Announcement. 2022 a new Rockstar game.

Prediction #3: Saints Row 5

Earlier this year the publishing company that publishes Saints Row 5 said to stay tuned for new and exciting Saints Row info on their youtube channel but I think they said that too early. Since that was said we have not heard anything even remotely pointing to new info about a future game from Volition. I for one am really excited for a new Saints Row, I did not like Agents of Mayhem as it felt like a bad spin-off of a movie I really like. So with that being said, I think they announce in 2020 and release in 2020.

Prediction #4: Stadia Flops

I mean I preordered one but I do not see this doing what Google hopes it does. The market is so cornered that I think it is near impossible to enter a new console and for it to have a chance to rival the big 3. It would need exclusives and I mean more than just mobile type exclusives. Or indie exclusives, I think to be successful it needs triple-A exclusives and I do not see that happening. I hope it does but I don’t think it will. And I know it comes out at the end of 2019 but I still think there will be some initial hype and it will fail more into the 2020 area.  

So there it is my big 4 predictions for 2020 so far. I have a lot more but I decided to keep the first one short so I can gather my thoughts on the other predictions I have. I am by no way saying these are accurate predictions and I have no real facts to back them up. But here they are, and with 2019 almost in the rearview and 2020 coming up rather quickly, it is nice to predict what will and won’t happen. If you have any predictions let us know!!

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