Times have changed since my last list, new foods have come, some have gone, some have been battled over like the infamous Pineapple on pizza war of the 2017/18s.

We lost a lot of fine foods over the last few years and I decided to come back with the top 5 foods to game with for 2019!!

1 – Mountain Dew

This first food or lets say beverage makes every list, almost every gamer I know drinks it, and that is the infamous Mountain Dew, A nice cold beverage(or warm if you let it sit there to long) full of caffeine and enemy kills, every swallow is like being given four more rounds in your favorite game.

2 – Pringles

The second one I have some mixed feelings on, I am a big fan of Doritos and Cheetos but I think there is a better snack, a cleaner snack I am going to go against the grain with. I think the second best gamer snack is Pringles, they are easy to grab and close, so the time to click ratio is low, slam the lid down and boom every thing is closed in time for the start countdown. Plus, one of the biggest benefits is that it is better on the fingers I mean, I know yellow/orange fingers is a rite of passage but your controller will thank you in the long run ;).

3 – Gummy Bears

Next we have a sugary dose of gumminess, for the third slot on this list of food greatness I chose gummy bears. They are small, sugary, and you can squish them just like you do your enemies. Now I may not have a kill yet in Apex legends but I have a high score in gummy bear kills and I feel a lot of other gamers do as well. They are also another clean on the fingers food.

4 – M&M’s

The 4th item is going to be another candy, I mean who doesn’t like M&Ms? People eat these things by the handful, and they are another sugary item, sure to give you a boost of energy for that long gaming session you been thinking about all week at work or school. With a hard sugary shell and a chocolate center, these are a sure win. Also there is a mini size so you can fit even more in your mouth!

5 – Pizza

The last but definitely not the least is one of the best foods ever created despite the Pineapple wars. Pizza is unicorns and rainbows by the slice, a pie full of cheese, sauce, and anything else you can throw on it. It is nothing to grab a slice, eat as much as you can before the round starts and sit it nicely on your leg to wait until the match is over. Pizza is still by far one of my favorite foods, and has remained so for years. Only thing I like as much or better then pizza is tacos but I think tacos are to messy.

There it is, the list of the greatest and latest foods (lets be real none of these foods are new) to eat while gaming, there is a lot of great foods out there, if yours did not make the list then let us know what you like. We are always open to try new things especially when it comes to food! Until next time may your stomachs be full, fingers be clean, and your KTD ratio be above 50 percent!

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Mike C.
Mike C.

Maybe I am alone here but I think Mountain Dew is VERY overrated. I honestly can’t stand the taste of it. I would much rather have some kind of cola or a Jones soda. I do love pizza but it is one of the worst things you can eat whilst gaming. I have had to give my keyboard and controllers a full wipe down after! LOL! I tend to munch on very dry foods whilst gaming like trail mix or something I can shovel into my mouth quickly with a straw or spoon.