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The Sinking City Receives Delay



Announced at E3, The Sinking City’s release date has been pushed back.

Originally scheduled to make its debut on March 21, the game will now launch on June 27 for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

Questions were initially raised about the titles release when the game vanished from Steam a few weeks ago. This was then furthered due to the companies silence surrounding any further details to do with the launch date. This as we now know was due to the delay.

Developer Frogwares released an update video stating “We decided we wanted to release our game in a less crowded time-frame. With so many great games coming out around the same time, I’m sure this will also give you some breathing space for your playing time.”

He continued to explaining that “This additional time will also allow us to continue to optimize The Sinking City, making it a little bit better.”

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