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Talkin Sh!t 007: Avengers Infinity War Countdown The Soul Stone



Talkin Sh!t

with Token Drew


Avengers Infinity

War Countdown 

2 Days

The Soul Stone

What’s good everyone? I’m Token Drew and this is Talkin Sh*t, the series where I smoke sh*t and talk sh*t. Sometimes it’s educational. Sometimes it’s comedic. Sometimes its a rant. Who knows. But today, we are feeding the hype monster! Today we speak of the stone not yet revealed in the movies, the stone that we are all speculating. Ironically the stone with the most story in marvel, of course I am talking about the Soul Stone. 

In the comics, the stone is a green gem typically associated with Him, better known as Adam Warlock. Given to him by the High Evolutionary to aid him in saving Counter-Earth (if you like this series of mine, I’ll go into articles describing characters like Adam Warlock, High Evolutionary and sh*t like that. Lemme know!). Warlock found it difficult to control the Soul Gem’s dark side of stealing souls. Soon he was able to communicate with it and learned that it was “one of six.” After an adventure that pit Warlock against Thanos, who was gathering the other gems to create one big ass soul Gem, Warlock found his own soul absorbed into the gem where he lived peacefully with Gamora, Pip the Troll and other souls that were taken by the gem. In the comics the inside of the gem looks like an alien paradise. Eventually Thanos learned of the six gems true powers and the events of Infinity Gauntlet began, causing Adam Warlock to revive Pip, Gamora and himself to help stop the threat of the Mad Titan. 

The Soul Gem is sentient, having the desire to absorb souls. It can attack one’s soul in various ways, trap souls within itself, reveal information by peering into another’s soul, the wielder of the gem can access the memories and skills of every soul that it has within it, the gem can revert people back to their natural state (force them out of a transformation for instance), and protect its wielder from soul based attacks. 

The Soul Stone has not been revealed in the MCU, but we are all sure that it will be orange. From trailers, one could assume that it is in Wakanda, which would make sense since they can communicate with the dead. It could be with Adam Warlock, but I do not forsee them bringing another character with a gem on their forehead ala Vision. So all we have is speculation at the moment. 

Notable Users- Adam Warlock, Thanos, Nebula, Henry Pym/Ultron, Lord Chaos, Master Order, the In-Betweener

Trivia- In Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite, the Soul Stone absorbs the life essesnce from your opponent during its Surge move. During the Infinity Storm special move, it revives your fallen ally and allows the two of you to attack at the same time, having unlimited super meter to pull off devestating attacks. 

And that does it for the six infinity gems aka infinity stones! lets recap

Mind- Blue/ Yellow- Earth, In Vision’s Forehead

Reality- Yellow/ Red- Knowhere, Collector’s Museum

Power- Red/ Purple- Xandar, Nova- Corps Vault

Time- Orange/ Green- Earth, Kamar-Taj Library

Space- Purple/ Blue- Asgard, Loki

Soul- Green/ Orange- ???

Tomorrow we will discuss the assembled gauntlet followed by a discussion on Thanos, the Mad Titan and then we have Avengers Infinity War on Friday, April 27 2018. Of course I am seeing the Thursday release of the movie, so expect to see a video discussion and review of the movie up on Friday as well! Till then, Smoke Out, Live Up and Game On!

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