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Talkin Sh!t 006: Avengers Infinity War Countdown The Space Stone



Talkin Sh!t with

Token Drew


Avengers Infinity

War Countdown 

3 Days 

The Space Stone 


What’s up everybody! It’s ya boi Token Drew and this is Talkin Sh*t, a series where we talk sh*t and smoke sh*t! And we are getting closer and closer to the movie event of the decade; Avengers Infinity War! Ah the hype is so real, innit? So, we have talked about the Mind, Reality, Power and Time Stones  (aka Gems ) over the past few days. Today, let’s talk about something vast and discuss the Space Stone ! 

In the comics, the Space Gem is a purple gem that grants the user the ability to manipulate space in anyway anyone sees fit. At its most basic level, it allows the user to teleport to themselves and others to anywhere in the universe that they can picture in their mind, no matter the obstacles such as doors and walls. It can also increase the speed of the user by bending the space around them. It also alters the distance between objects regardless to the laws of physics. At its strongest levels, when used with the other gems in the gauntlet  it allows the user to be in all places of the universe simultaneously. 

In the MCU, the Space Stone is a blue gem within a blue cube known as the Tesseract. First seen in Captain America: The First Avenger, the Tesseract possesses the power of unlimited energy and has the ability to make wormholes to other parts of the universe. When it was first revealed in Captain America, I honestly thought it was the Cosmic Cube. At the end, SPOILERS, it teleports the Red Skull into space but I thought it was disintegrating his ass but nope it turned out to be the space stone. In Guardians of the Galaxy, it revealed the stone within the box. The Tesseract was hidden on Earth for reasons, until the events of the first Avengers film where Thor brought it back to Asgard. 

Notable Users: Thanos, Adam Warlock, Magnus, Pip the Troll, The Runner, 

Trivia- In Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite, it’s regular surge attack pulls the opponent close to you. It’s Infinity Storm move traps your opponent in a box of limited movement

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