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Talkin Sh!t 003 Avengers Infinity War Countdown: The Reality Stone



Talkin Sh!t with

Token Drew


Avengers Infinity

War Count Down

6 Days

“The Reality Stone”



No need for introduction homies, we got some nerd sh*t to talk about! The clock is ticking and we are nearing our end goal of Avengers Infinity War: I’m Token Drew and we are Talkin Sh!t right now boi! Next up in our discussion of the Infinity Stones, we have probably my favorite but also most confusing:

The Reality Stone. 

In the comics, it is a yellow gem that allows the user to fulfill their wishes, even if their wish is a direct contradiction with scientific laws. It can do the impossible, create any type of alternate reality that the user wishes as well as alter reality around them. However, when it is backed by the Power Stone, the Reality Stone allows the user to alter reality on a universal scale. Altering reality is such a mind blowing concept, because you can literally dong anything. And there is no true example that fits the scale of it all, but whatever you wish you can do. Especially with the gauntlet on. In the comics, it is depicted as stretching and pulling the people around in a sort of spiral formation or something. Or even turning a bullet into flower petals. Imagine what Doctor Manhattan from the Watchmen could do, just on a bigger scale. Which is insane, since Doctor Manhattan is pretty much a god. 

In the movies, we are just sort of accepting that the red flowing Hentai Tentacles are supposed to be the reality stone, just in liquid form. Except that in the movie, it did not alter any type of reality (the movie in question is Thor 2: The Dark World), it was the 5000 year cycle convergence that caused everything to happen the way that it did. If anything, the MCU “Aether”, yes that is what it is called, is just another power boosting stone. Similar to the power stone, which we will talk about tomorrow I guess. 

Notable users: Thanos, the Stranger, The Collector, Nebula, Adam Warlock, Night Man (who tf), Loki, Galactus, Black Bolt, Iron Man, Vision, Carol Danvers. 


Trivia- In Marvel VS Capcom Infinite, the Reality Stone sends a homing projectile at your opponent, and when you active the Infinity Storm, your attacks carry a burn, shock, and freeze damage boost randomly.

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