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Talkin Sh!t 002: Avengers Infinity War Countdown- The Mind Stone



Talkin Sh!t With Token Drew


Avengers: Infinity War Count Down

7 days left

The Mind


What is up every one, its ya boi Token Drew and I am here with a written edition of Talkin Sh*t- the series where I smoke sh*t and talk sh*t. And internet family, I got some sh*t to talk about today. Real talk, I am hella excited about the upcoming Avengers Infinity War film coming out in just a week. I’ve been a comic book fan for most of my life and to be honest, the Hollywood adaptations made me love them even more. No, they have not been perfect at all, but we aren’t here to talk about what did what right, we are here to talk about the got damn infinity stones!

First things first, do you know what the infinity stones are? They were originally known as the Soul Gems until Thanos got ahold of them the first time and renamed them. In the comics, they are the remains of Nemesis, an extremely powerful being in the universe that was lonely and decided to end its life. However, power such as that had to be redistributed and thus the 6 Infinity Stones came to be.

Today, we will discuss the Mind Stone: Blue in the comics, Yellow in the movies; it currently resides in Vision’s forehead. The mind stone gives the user amplified psychic abilities and it boosts the powers of psychics if used by one to almost limitless levels. It can alter and access thoughts and dreams, alter or create memories, create or remove psychic barriers such as the ones that keep Iceman from fully using his omega level mutant powers, and perform impressive feats of telekinesis and psycokinesis”. When used in the Infinity Gauntlet with the other gems, specifically the Power Stone, it’s powers are amplified even farther to access all minds in the known universe.

Known users– the Grandmaster, Moondragon, Professor X, Beast, some guy named Modi, Thanos (of course), Magnus, (evil Adam Warlock), Galactus, Loki and Logan apparently.


Trivia- The Mind Gem is also the manifestation of the universal subconscious.

Trivia- When used in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, the Mind Stone allows the user to stun opponents and then with the Infinity Storm it gives you unlimited super meter until no longer active.

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