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Rad Rodgers | Thoughts on a Retro World



Recently I had the pleasure of getting to play Rad Rodgers on the PS4, this although not a review is an article simply on my thoughts of the game and what I enjoyed whilst getting to play it.

Rad Rodgers is a game that feels and looks nostalgic but, strikes a new approach with a modern day redesign and a raunchy/hilarious script that you probably wouldn’t find in this 90’s esque game back in that era. With its recent debut on Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, the retro-platformer not only brings updates for previous PC-Versions but opens up the doors for console players to also get in on the fun.

After jumping into the game my first initial thought was, hey! This is freakin’ hilarious, the dialogue is sharp and witty, the characters immediately grab your attention and the art style pulled on my forever 90’s kid heart strings.

In the beginning, one of the first features I noticed was the option to play the “adult version” of the game or switch things up to select the “child version,” I thought this was a really cool feature, especially when this type platformer could attract either type of audience, so this was a HUGE positive.

The graphics are bright, fiery and sometimes even pixelated until a puzzle is solved to replace a missing piece of the level. Or not, if you’re like me and tend to get stuck on anything that resembles a logical sequence of problems (0_0!!!).

Another point I want to touch on is that fact that it’s interesting to watch the difficulty level of the game also fluctuate. Sometimes depending on how far into the game you are, or even at some points change back and forth in the same level without you even leaving that specific realm the characters have been placed in. This not only brings testing gameplay but also creates this random dynamic kind of experience which is literally almost unpredictable in a way that leaves you unprepared yet ready to conquer through the games stages.

I think all in all, Rad Rodgers does a great job on delivering a fresh yet familiar experience that channels sentimental mechanics and an all around fun script that really pushes these characters to feel as though they exist and that’s where this game thrives and succeeds.

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