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Quick! GameStop’s Increased Trade-In Values for PS4 & Xbox One Ends Soon



Sometimes the moment arises where we need to get rid of a console

Majority of the time, this can mean taking a pretty big loss when it comes to trading in and getting back a reasonable amount in relation to what you payed in the first place.

GameStop for a limited time is working to solve this problem, offering a temporary raise in the amount of trade-in credit you can receive, this amount being between $40 to $80, depending on which model of the console you might own.

As you can see from the table down below even older console models have gotten a significant boost in value.

But, this deal won’t be around forever, with the increase coming to end on April 22, leaving TWO days for gamers to trade-in old consoles or just a console that you may not be using anymore.

Bob Puzon, the senior vice president of merchandising for the company has stated “Who doesn’t want to earn an extra $40-$80 on video game hardware that’s just sitting around the house collecting dust?” You’ve got that right!

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