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Why We Can’t Wait to Play Sea of Thieves



So, the Sea of Thieves closed beta is over but that doesn’t mean that we still aren’t thinking of the adventurous pirate title that allows players to explore the open seas, battle it out with fellow enemies or even sink to the bottom of the ocean after losing your entire ship.

With that being said, there was a mixture of different things that we noticed whilst playing, all of which we were insanely fond of, so in this article let’s talk about the things that really stood out and the type of aspects we found that keep a game on your mind even when you’re not able to play it.

First off, the open world aspect of having this ability to sail wherever you want adds to the games allure. In Sea of Thieves the world is literally your oyster, there’s treasure to find, islands to explore and even skeleton creatures guarding hidden things. Sink your ship? Watch out for sharks. Run into another merciless crew? Prepare for a canon blasting, ship boarding battle. Get lost at sea? Even this is covered with a rescue mermaid that returns you back to your ship. It’s these things that come together to create these mechanics that flow well together and make for a firm foundation in building an even stronger game.

After getting a handle on how to access inventory items and learning that yes, there is a way to save your broken, battered and sinking ship and you don’t just have to stand there and drown, we set out sailing and this is where things got even more interesting. One of the noticeable features of the game was its weather system, something easy to take note of when the calm waves of the deep blue would transform into violent choppy breaks and the clouds above would swirl into what looked like a hurricane of death with heavy rain that then floods your ship. Not to mention the water itself with well embedded physics and a breathtaking appearance. In regards to the weather, at one point we even had to make landfall and attempt to keep the rain from claiming our vessel completely. This made the experience feel more realistic and immersive, also maybe a little stressful, but in a good way.

Another fun aspect was getting thrown into games with random players, some of which could be super supportive and help you along your struggling way, and some, not so much as they made sure if you weren’t a professional pirate with many voyages below your belt that you knew exactly that. But, both of these things were hilarious nonetheless and it was fun to begin your travels with a group full of treasure thirsty mateys.

Taking a look at a few other elements, the battle mechanics between the player and enemies was something that felt really fluid, I know that sometimes in games this is certainly one of the main things that can feel kind of heavy and clunky, almost to the point to where it ruins the experience, but again with Sea of Thieves this was something that was really well done.

Well, I know this isn’t everything! But we want to leave some things until the games final release, so until if you’re looking for us, you can find us waiting for March 20, swords and pirate hats a’ready.

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