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Pack N Unpack 10 Super Legendary Saiyan Broly Unboxing



Pack N Unpack

Episode 10

Dragon Ball Kai Super Saiyan Legendary Broly Unboxing


What’s up everyone! It’s ya boi, Captain Busy AF- Token Drew and I am back unboxin sh*t! You lot dig this? I hope so, because even though this is labeled as episode 10, it is really like episode 20 but the figure was so bad ass I had to push it up early. Which is why you will see me with the dope ass Infinity Gauntlet in this video but not in the next, and then in like 5 videos will be the Unboxing of it. Shit as of last night I recorded episode 32 so these mfs are coming regardless! Anyway, let’s talk about that dude Broly!


Broly is a fan favorite, appearing in many video games and in three movies during the Dragon Ball Z Era and one in the Dragon Ball Super Era. A beserker with a weak back  story,Broly stormed onto the scene back in 1993 in the 8th Dragon Ball Z movie known as: Dragon Ball Z: Broly- The Legendary Super Saiyan in America and Dragon Ball Z: Burn Up!! A Close Fight- A Violent Fight- A Super Fierce Fight (goddamn) in Japan. I always knew it as Movie 8 personally.

A seemingly unstoppable force, Broly is one of the more powerful villains in the movie universe. An insane, legendary Super Saiyan, he put them hands on our heroes. And now, I owe a beautifully large figure of him!

Do you like Broly?


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