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Pack N Unpack 1: Sleepy Hollow Deluxe Unboxing



Welcome to Pack N Unpack

The series where I pack a bowl and unpack some cool sh!t. Today I add to the collection, from MacFarlane Toys; the Sleepy Hollow Deluxe Edition. This comes with a creepy tree, the headless horseman and his horse. I bought it for $44, I seen it on for a lil under $70, which is at “F**k That Money” for me, I try to not spend over $50 unless it’s something bad ass or custom made.

So about this bad boy. It’s dope. No buyer remorse here. Very highly detailed, however the horse is hella plastic feeling. Like a toy I woulda got for the kids in their younger years. I like the packaging and background, which I kept on display with him. As a fan of the Sleepy Hollow 1999 movie AND legend, it is a must have. The horse could be better so I give this


Not bad at all. A higher quality horse would give this a decent 8.5 personally.

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