What’s up every one and welcome back to Pack N Unpack, the series where I pack a bowl and unpack some cool sh*t and you get to watch  grown @$$ man unbox a bunch of toys and statues to collect dust as I Reminisce on the days of youth……..

Today we have Zatanna Zatara, one of my favorite DC Comics characters. Great looking figure, highly detailed. I’d suggest it, this line is a bit pervy honestly but she came out tasteful. Kotobukiya Bishoujo is the line. Bishoujo means pretty girl or something in Japanese so be warned when searching for these!


Grade- I cannot remember if I made a grading system yet but I will soon! So for now let’s give her an -A. Why? Well she gets a high score for being, in my opinion the best version in that price you can get for Zatanna. Her detail is amazing, down to the fishnet stockings. However I deduct points because of her eyes. And you will see this often, i judge things based on their eyes a lot! They just don’t look right. She’s just staring off into derp space!

Cost- $85

Online- $120 plus

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