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Pack N Unpack 02: Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet Unboxing and Review







What’s up everybody. I’m Token Drew, and this is my unboxing and review of the big ass Infinity Gauntlet that I bought from Game Stop. I go into detail during the video, but the short and curly of it is as follows: at first glance, it is bad ass. It lights up, it makes noises and for any fans of Thanos or the Infinity Gauntlet, it is dope as hell. However, it is very plastic feeling almost like a basic toy, not a high quality piece of bad assery. The glove is hella large, it is a strain on my pinky to really pose with it. But with that being said, it is a big ass Infinity Gauntlet, and it is still awesome. I do not regret it at all, and I think it is worth the cost. Though I wasn’t happy paying it. I think it should have came with a stand, and maybe made out of better material. But it is still great. Grab one while you can homies!

Song- Smokin With Token by me, Drew the Legend.

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