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Overwatch Uprising Event Details Teased



Before the recent announcement, it had been awhile since we had heard anything about Overwatch’s Uprising event, which left many wondering if there would be another one at all.

Now that the event has been set to take place once more April 10, Blizzard is once more sharing some details, making the 10th seem as though it’s a little too far away.

In the original event another mission was added to the games roster, titled King’s Row. This mission will still exist within the limited time mode but is instead called “Overwatch Archives.” The mission can be played in both a Story Mode or an All Heroes Mode, Story Mode only giving players the option to pick Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt or Torbjorn to play the mission.

If you guessed it, All Heroes Mode will not limit character select and will in fact allow players to pick any hero you want to carry through the mission.

Jeff Kaplan has elaborated on this, stating “The idea is there are all these cool past moments in Overwatch history, and by going into the archives we can re-live those, and Uprising was just one of those events.”

In other news, the loot boxes from the previous event will be returning, with a teaser for Hanzo or Genji, suggesting that one of the Shimada brothers will get a new skin.

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