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Overwatch PTR Update Aimed at Mei, Doomfist & Sombra



Blizzard is a company that is heavily engaged with their online multiplayer title Overwatch, meaning that updates and changes aren’t a rare occurance.

In the latest Developer Update details were given on which characters will be recieving some changes to test, those of which being Mei, Doomfist and Sombra. Regarding Mei, the character is set to get some buffs, in the form of her freeze ability being increased from its 1 second duration to 1.5 seconds. An improvement made to help with the characters that may be a little too quick for her regular 1 second freeze, with it not lasting long enough. Along with this her alternative weapon which fires icicles will gain a few more shots before reload, definitely working to improve on Mei’s ability to headshot her enemies.

With Doomfist, changes will be made to his weapon, allowing ammo to recover at a quicker rate, something that is notable with needing changes at the moment with the slow recovery duration.

To top of this are some neat shifts to Sombra and her abilities, the first of which being that her Ultimate charge isn’t done through hacking health packs, instead it will now build up through any damage dealt to enemies. The duration of how long her translocator last is also being extended, providing her with more time to do what she does best, infiltrate, hack and destroy. Another really interesting thing with Sombra is how her Hack ability will affect enemies, not only will it take less time to use, but there will be new ways it takes down different players, an example is Pharah and her loss of hover jets, or Genji and his loss of double jump. At this current time this feature has been labeled as an “experiment” and there isn’t a confirmation of whether or not this will actually cross over into the game.

Below is the full video covering all aspects of the developer update and the character changes.

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