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Overwatch Lunar New Year Event



Overwatch is known for its creative events that carry on throughout the year which bring new custom items and even skins.

In a recent tweet, Blizzard has announced the next one, the Lunar New Event, Year of the Dog which will go live on Febuary 8 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC!

Although there is not currently a trailer (which usually come much closer if not when the event begins), they did post a short teaser video which is just as exciting nonetheless, that of which you can view below.

The game itself has recently been receiving a ton of new content which has been seen through the new Overwatch league skins and the recent update which brought new sprays and even more well designed new cosmetics for many of the various characters in the game. There is no doubt, that Year of the Dog should feature some of the same.

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