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Overwatch Announces New Hero Sigma, Playable on the Test Server!



Overwatch already had 30 heroes, but as we know they always like to push the boundaries and bring in a new character every few months. Sigma is the latest character and this time we will have a tank within our midst. The interesting thing about this tank is that he is a scientist at his core. He manipulates gravity in various ways, he even attacks with small gravity cells.

Some would compare him to Zaria, but on the other hand you will find him a lot easier to maneuver and with a better focus on defense rather than offense. Since an experiment has gone wrong during Sigma’s development, he tried to make things better and unfortunately that did not happen. So at this point the only thing he could do is to receive treatment. He was freed by the Talon and used as a weapon until he got to be free and fight on his own.

What abilities does Sigma have?

The Hyper Spheres are his basic attacks, there are 2 gravitic charges that will implode after a few seconds, damaging the area. He can also create an Experimental Barrier that will help protect people, the interesting thing is this barrier can be recalled if necessary.

Then there’s the kinetic grasp in which he stops incoming projectiles and turns them into shields. With the Accretion skill, he can actually use a combination of flings and debris in order to knock down the enemies. Obviously this is a very creative idea and it brings in some unique options to consider and explore.

Sigma’s ultimate is also interesting. Named Gravitic Flux, this one manipulates gravity, raises the enemies in the air and then they are slammed to the ground. It’s also very similar to Zarya, but with a twist. This is a great complementary hero to our beloved Russian tank, but the great thing about all of this is that you have a certain area you can attack with the ultimate. That gives better control and support, especially if you want to focus on a very specific area to begin with.

Sigma arrives in the middle of some major changes to the game

We all know that Blizzard likes to improve Overwatch time and time again. Right now the developer is adding a Role Queue feature. Most of the time people end up picking roles randomly and since this is a team game, when someone doesn’t do that you will end up with issues. Which is why Overwatch’s role system is set to make things a bit better.

You can try out Sigma on the public test realm or PTR right now. We don’t know the exact date when he will arrive to the official servers, but it usually takes a month of testing. So we might play Sigma sometime at the end of August, at least on the official servers. One thing is certain, adding in a new Tank is a great idea, and his gravity manipulation features are extremely interesting!

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