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New Anthem Trailer Focuses on Javelin Customization & More



Get hyped, Bioware has released a brand new trailer for Anthem!

It is the first in a series which delves into gameplay features/mechanics in the game. This installment talks about story elements, progression and of course customization, opening up with information about the world and how important the Javelins are to survival. It also elaborates on how the players interact with the in game world around them using these suits as they work as freelancers!

Being thrown into a period of time where conflict is at its peak, as people both fight to protect and control the Anthem of creation. The players focus as the video states is to do various different things such as take out enemy factions and complete mission but, most importantly involves making sure “The Dominion do not get their hands on the Anthem of creation.”

The video continues to break down each Javelin, discussing the strengths of each and which type of play style they are most suited towards. These of course include the Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm.

The Interceptor focuses on the usage of speed, providing the player with quick and agile movements. The Ranger takes more of a varied approach, offering up both fire power and precision. The Colossus hones in on dealing deadly destruction to its enemies, although not quick like the other Javelins it combats that with brute force and strength that truly shines out through its power. Lastly the Storms strategy comes in the form of elemental based attacks, offering the player “devastating power and light armor.”

Along with these options that suit differing styles of play, the player themselves also have the option to customize how each Javelin looks.

Be sure to check out more in the video below!

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