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Monster Hunter Review




Monster Hunter World is the latest iteration in the Series Monster Hunter by Capcom. Thankfully the title of this JRPG is pretty self explanatory you are a “Hunter” a member of a guild of humans takes with researching and Hunting Monsters in this gorgeous fantasy world.

New to the Series?

For beginners Monster Hunter is full action RPG which means you won’t won’t be taking turns in this RPG you’ll be duking it out with these behemoths in real time! Now if hat seems daunting don’t worry Monster Hunter is a fully four player cooperative game with an SOS system and lobbies called “sessions” in which you can meet and chat with your fellow hunters online. World does a great job of introducing how strong and interactive these monsters are in the opening scenes showing a Great Jagras getting put in its place by the new Box art Monster the Ajanath. If that wasn’t enough to get you excited your able to choose from FOURTEEN yes FOURTEEN different classes of weapon from the quick dual blades to the Dragon slaying Great Sword you’ll definitely find your favorite after a few minutes trying them out in the practice area. With a simple but interesting story, beautiful locals and revamped combat system along with all the new streamlined systems in place World is the best entry for new comers.

Hunting Veteran?

For Veterans Monster Hunter World has a lot to offer from fresh new Monsters, excavation missions and even a new streamlined method for gathering plants, ore and other goods you can pick up on your time out in the field. You also be happy to know you no longer need to sacrifice space in your pouch for a net, rod or even the BBQ spit as they are always with you and handy along with one of the greatest new additions to the series, the grappling hook/crossbow launcher. With this handy new tool you can latch on to specific spot and zip above or across some of those pesky long climbs. Not to mention how handy it is to launch your flash bombs.

But does it look good?

Graphically Monster Hunter isn’t the best looking game in the Industry but it is the best looking entry in the series by far taking advantage of its leap to more powerful systems including the PS4, Xbox1 and PC.

On the PS4 Pro XBox1X you can even designate what you’d like the system to focus on in terms of processing power making your game either more fluid (stable fps) more graphically impressive (rendering distance and speed) etc.

How about the story?

Monster Hunter World like most Monster Hunters was and isn’t really about the story at all but being that is has one I have to judge it.

MHW’s story is simply used as a tool to string you along during the beginning campaign to introduce Monsters and train you how to fight them. In short the story is just a really well done tutorial system but can be considered quite the lackluster and vapid story If you came in expecting a sweeping epic.

So take this warning seriously if you only play games for the story and only the story you will be disappointed but by chance you love fast paced second to second gameplay you’ll love Monster Hunters battle system.

And the Gameplay?

Monster Hunter has been compared to a couple of series over the years but the closest in terms of actual gameplay would have to be the Soul series (Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls etc). That being said Monster Hunters Monster are much more interactive having each their own specific weaknesses both elemental and weak points, behaviors and reactions to meeting certain other monsters. Yeah you read that right boss Monsters in this game can meet, clash and even some will join in defense of others so plan accordingly out there future Hunters.

See that’s what really sets Monster Hunter apart from the Soul series, the world you interacting with isn’t dead or dying it’s fully alive and reactive to you and the other s monsters inside it, various monsters have their own territories, favorite foods, nemeses and special abilities.

Outside the monsters MHW has the various weapons I mentioned before that all have variations (I myself main the bow and yes I’ve made every single one woot!) each variation can have different elements including fire, water, ice etc along with some special ones with the ability to paralyze, poison or even cause explosions! This along with the robust and deep armor system complimented by decorations you can equip in slots make the journey to making your best hunter quite the fun journey.

Monster Hunter World doesn’t sport a PvP mode for all you MOBA and PvP fans sorry to say but Capcom has promised to deliver free updates that include New Monsters at no charge! Nice glad to see some companies shying away from the practice of cutting part of the core game to make cheap dlc.

Blah blah gimme the Numbers

Given the direction of the game, the series improvements, the commitment to not cutting the fan base due to microtransactions, the graphical improvements and the addictive grind, I give Monster Hunter World I Solid 9/10 losing a point for how jarring it can initially be to join a friends game.


RATING: 9/10

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1 Comment

  1. Rodney Race

    March 7, 2018 at 12:27 am

    Not a bad game at all i like it

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