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Machinima’s Video Library has been Wiped



In a mass deletion Machinima, a network of channels focused in on video game content has wiped all videos.

The platform had recently merged with Ellaton, a part of Otter Media which set off a domino effect of other changes including creators being shifted to a network called Fullscreen and others being dropped from their contracts completely.

This being so, the fact that the company removed all content is sudden and there was not any warning given prior to content creators, resulting in surprise and to say the least, confusion.

Although standing with a subscriber base of almost 12.4 million, the network isn’t one to go without some controversy interlaced into their platform. This comes in the form of “predatory contracts” for its creators and “deceiving marketing campaigns” aimed at Xbox One users.

At this current point in time, it is unknown to what is going on, along with the networks future.

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