Lucid Dream is a title that takes the gamer on a whimsical yet dark, point and click driven journey through a hand crafted world.

Developed by Dali Games, Lucid Dream focuses on the story of a young girl named Lucy who is determined to save her Mother who, as time passes slips deeper into madness. To do so, she ventures into the world of dreams meeting well designed characters whilst facing intense scenarios, which you as the player solve with both wit and logic.

The game aims itself well at those who enjoy anything psychological or twisted. Through its color schemes, dynamic levels that present differing visuals and perspectives and puzzles that can be quite tricky, it is a title that is well and truly worth the price.

One of the highlighted elements of this game is of course its interactivity. It doesn’t just provide the player with an obvious set of things to click in order to solve a problem (which this style of game can sometimes do). Instead, puzzles are strategically planned and most, in order to be solved require more than one step to actually find that ending solution which after all allows the player to progress.

What also works as an overall advantage is the games consistency. Although incorporating stages that look nothing like the previous one, everything blends together really well, from the graphics to the soundtrack to finally the ambiance. This is an approach that takes careful execution, as when using mixed imagery sometimes the game may feel disconnected from the theme as the player gets deeper into the story, but in Lucid’s Dreams case, this was certainly far from being true.

You as the player are also thrown into mystery because this is a game that takes that consistency and pairs it with a story progression which doesn’t tell you everything at once. You as the player must seek out the answers and unravel the tightly woven web of secrets and unknown information.

Rounding up this preview review, Lucid Dream does a lot right, the only con I have personally is the fact that the game did crash a few times. Pushing this aside, this is a title that is creative and really stands out in the sphere of Indie Adventure titles. Therefore, I dub thee, enchanting.

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