What do you get when you mix a competitive arcade orientated game with retro vibes and the ability to throw axes? Log Jammers is what!

Mega Cat Studios is an independent video game studio creating titles that bring meaningful and fun experiences to any gamer who dives into their worlds. It is through their games that they strive to “keep the dream of gaming – the dream we remember from the days of youth alive and well.”

Their most recent project Log Jammers which has already been backed with a successful Kickstarter campaign does exactly this but in a way that is fast paced and more than anything unique with its gameplay mechanics and well designed elements.

Features include the ability to slam your axe into your opponent’s goal, power-ups which set your blade into a burning frenzy, covering your opponent in slippery oil, retro arenas, a variety of different characters and a physical NES version of the game for retro gaming enthusiasts, and these are only to name a few. There’s much more to this game, highlighting clearly why it has already been backed.

If you’re wanting to check out the game for yourself here are some links: featuring Mega Cat Studios website, the game on Steam and their Kickstarter campaign. To get a glimpse at this jamming title itself, simply check out the trailer down below.

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