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Listin Sh!t 003: “Top 20 Fighting Games” Part 2: The Revenge Of The List- 10-1




List 003

Top 20 Fighting Games

Part 2

Written by “Token” Drew Watson

Welcome to Listin’ Sh!t With Token Drew, where I take sh*t that I like and I list them in order. Today we are tackling part 2 of my top 20 fighting games, listing numbers 10-1 as well as some honorable mentions.

What makes a good and memorable fighting game to you? To me, it’s 4 main things: Controls, Story, Characters and Replayability. If a game can hit all four of these points, then they will make it on my top 10. Another big thing that will knock points off are Endings. There are two games on this list that suffer from that last one, the garbage endings. However the story lines more than make up for it… I guess. Some games I wanted to include, but even though I will overlook some games for having those lazy ass animated comic endings, I will not stand for games with bad controls. Games like Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 for instance, where yeah that game has a lot of characters, the controls were absolute ass.

How memorable are the characters? Do they feel like simple palette swaps or clones of other fighting game characters? How balanced is the game and how hard is the boss? What is the music like? How much production values went into this game? Those are the questions I asked myself as I made this list. But the biggest thing is the question one must ask for every game: is this fun? Let’s see what your boi thought as we move on from the intro and start listin’ sh!t!


10.) Injustice: Gods Among Us

Nether Realm Studios, April 16, 2013- PlayStation 3-4, Xbox 360-One

Disclaimer: As of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, no one can f**k with Nether Realm Studios when it comes to storytelling in fighting games. Not one franchise in any way can come close, debate with your nerdy cousin. And DC has some of the best storytelling of all, the whole comic industry well tell you that. So when I heard that these two were coming together and what the story would be, I was instantly intrigued. I loved this game so much; I played the story line multiple times and then spent the next 4 years collecting the graphic novels as they came out. This game is dope as hell, but the reason why it is so high on the list (or so low on the list I can never tell the right way to word it) is because I have never been a fan of the Mortal Kombat controls. Even back in the day, I was more of a Street Fighter player. That being said, ever since MK vs DCU I have grown to really appreciate the play style of these games from the studio that fatalities have built.

This isn’t the first time that Nether Realm tackled a DC franchise, but this game sh*ts on their last outing so much that the crossover doesn’t even matter. The story follows a tyrannical Superman who had snapped when Joker tricked him into killing his wife and destroying Metropolis. After that, the super hero community is torn down the middle and the lines are drawn at Batman vs Superman. Each character has a flashy special attack that is a cut scene that doesn’t take away from the match, as well as a rock-paper-scissors style clash that gives specific and unique lines of dialogue between every character and many stages have cool transitions between levels. This was a lore filled love letter to DC fans, you can tell that Nether Realm took the time to learn every character and all of the intersecting stories and it shows beautifully on the screen. Graphics are great for the characters, and I honestly like this original outing better than the sequel!

The scores were good for the game, getting 83/100 on Metacritic on average (the site lists for every console it came on, I’m not listing that sh*t), and averaging 8s and 9s on various publications. It won the Game Critics Award: Best of E3 2012- Best Fighting Game, IGN Best of 2013- Best Overall Fighting Game, Game Trailers: Game of the Year Awards 2013- Best Fighting, Spike VGX- Best Fighting Game, D.I.C.E. Awards- Fighting Game Of The Year and won at the 2013 National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers Awards winning Game, Franchise Fighting beating out competition like Killer Instinct, Darkstalkers Resurrection and Dive kick


9.) Dragon Ball FighterZ

Arc System Works, January 26, 2018- PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

This is the newest game on the list, so I do not think it has won any awards. This is a game that I am still playing, though not as much but I will go more in depth with a stand-alone review in the near future. Of the Dragon Ball Z games, this one is the best looking and probably the closest to the anime. The action is fast and frantic, and the hand drawn graphics are gorgeous. That is to be expected from this developer, who did other beautiful games such as Guilty Gear, BlazBlue and Persona 4 Arena. I really do enjoy their style, and their games are always secretly complex. It’s easy to pick up and do some real damage if you do not know what you are doing, but once you learn that hidden and steep learning curve you will be laying combos on people like a pro.

I enjoy the fact that there are characters from Dragon Ball Z as well as Dragon Ball Super so it is nice that the developer is staying relevant with their character roster. The combat is similar to Marvel Vs Capcom in which it is 3 on 3 tag battles, and you can link special moves together as well as do a style of combination attack. There is only one unlockable character, and that is done by beating the story mode which does get repetitive. There are a lot of unlockable cut scenes and just like with Nether Realm Studios, Arc System Works knows their sh*t.

The game is getting positive reviews, which is dope for a Dragon Ball game. It scored 87/100 on Metacritic and averaging 8.5s and 9s across the board. No awards as of yet, but the game is just a little bit over a month old at the time of this writing.


8.) Ultra Street Fighter 4

Dimps, Capcom, June 3, 2014- PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

This is not the last Street Fighter game that I will put on this list. This is one of my favorite Street Fighter games, hence it being on this list. And this version is the best one for that game. This game first came out in the states on February 17, 2009 and it was in heavy play rotation for Tony and I for years. Any time either of us randomly suggested “Wanna war in some Street Fighter?” that sh*t was on! I even downloaded some remixes to a couple original themes from Street Fighter 2 to play in the background: Chun- Li, Ken, Ryu and Guile’s themes as well as the opening theme for the game. (Spoiler- that theme is my #1 video game theme song.) And even though fighting games are my sh*t, Tony could always give me a great match.

Every update that was released I bought, it didn’t matter what the story was. Street Fighter is a legacy title and it can have all my money… well, until part 5 that is, but that is a different story for a different list. The controls are always tight, the special moves and graphics are awesome and the new characters- Abel, Crimson Viper, Seth (that bastard of a boss), Gouken (Ryu and Ken’s master), El Fuerte, and Rufus (f**k him)- were a nice addition. The console version came with six more characters to bring the roster to 25 initially- Dan, Sakura, Fei Long aka Discount Bruce Lee, Cammy (and dat a$$), Gen and Rose, characters from the other Street Fighter games. In the collectors edition, you also got the Blu-ray of an animated feature, Street Fighter 4- The Ties That Bind. Then came the next update, Super Street Fighter IV on April 27, 2010 that brought in 10 damn more characters, T. Hawk, Dee Jay, Adon, Guy, Cody, Ibuki, Makoto, Dudley from the old games as well as Juri and Hakan, new endings and new intros for all the characters. Then in December 2010 came the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition that added Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu (one of my favorite video game characters) and Oni, which is like a Super Saiyan Akuma pretty much. Finally, on June 3, 2014 came the Ultra update which brought in Rolento, Elena, Hugo, Poison and Decapre bringing the total to 44 selectable characters! Holy sh*t, that’s a lot of ass to kick!

Even though it is Ultra Street Fighter 4 that is the placement on this list, it is the whole Street Fighter 4 experience that I am referring to. It was great to play as so many characters, and to finally bring back my favorite character, Evil Ryu was awesome and redesigned with a new (and random) hole in his chest. It was also cool to see the advancement of the story for the first time in many years, this picking up after the story of Street Fighter 2 but before Street Fighter 3. (Don’t think too hard about this, just go with it.) The boss Seth is a cheap yet challenging bastard, the rival matches are dope enough for me to do a top 10 list, the graphics are great and overall this is one of the best Street Fighter games you will play.

The game is very well received, getting 94/100 from Metacritic as well as averaging As and perfect scores across the board. It won a few awards, as it should: Golden Joystick Awards- Fighting Game of the Year, Game Critics Awards- Best Fighting Game of 2008, and the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences- Fighting Game of the Year, beating other games like Super Smash Brothers Wii, Soulcalibur IV, Mortal Kombat vs DC, Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit and more. The arcade version also won Best Game of 2008 in Japan, and won in the February 2009 edition of Arcadia magazine- “Best Graphics,” “Best Production” and the “Reader’s Choice Award.” Ryu also took the number 1 spot in that magazine’s “Top 20 Characters of 2008”. It has been listed among the Greatest Games of its generation, ranking #14 on Edge’s “Top 100 Best Games To Play Today”, and in the 2017 edition of their all-time top 100, Ultra Street Fighter IV was the only fighting game on the list, ranking in at number 20.


7.) Super Smash Brothers

Nintendo, September13, 2014- Wii U, 3DS

Honestly, the only reason why I buy Nintendo systems these days are for the Smash Brothers series. No other game on this list has that going for it, and when the version on the Switch has a release date I will buy myself one of those! I have played every console version of this game and they are always hours and hours of fun with whoever you play with. Expect to see this franchise on my Top Gaming Franchises list for sure. I mean, who doesn’t like a good crossover? And they rarely get better than this. Especially when Nintendo started bringing in characters like Snake from Metal Gear Solid, Pac-Man from… Pac-Man… and Sonic the hedgehog from Sonic the… right, you get it. It was pretty much everything we wanted as 90s babies in one game! The original console war, Nintendo vs Sega vs Namco and you could do it all on one game.

This game had a decent story mode for once and I am sure there are a slew of collectibles I still haven’t gotten yet, but you don’t do this game for the sh*t that you can find- you do it to kick some ass! And surprisingly, this game also had DLC so in addition to the 17 new characters introduced on the disk, such as Mega-Man, Pac-Man, Little Mac from Punch Out, Greninja from Pokemon X and Y, as well as the duck and dog as a duo from Duck Hunt, the DLC included Bayonetta from Bayonetta, Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, Ryu from Street Fighter and Mew-two from Pokemon, bringing the roster up to 58 damn characters! There were plenty of stages as well as the classic music like always, this game also brought back the screen filling big moves from the previous installment.

Of course this game would score well, its gotdamn Smash Brothers. The console version did better than the 3DS version, scoring 92/100 as well as averaging 4.5-5 stars, 9/10 and 4.5/5 on the various sites and publications. It won many awards- in 2014 it won Destructoid’s Best Game of 2014: Best Multiplayer Design, Digital Spy’s Best Game of the Year, the Game Awards Best Fighting Game, Game Critics Awards- Best Fighting Game, Game Revolution Best of 2014 Awards: Best Nintendo Console Exclusive and Best Fighting Game, Games Radar Best Fighting Game, Game Trailers Best Fighting Game, Metacritic’s Game of the Year, Nintendo Life’s Reader Awards- Overall Game of the Year and Wii U Retail Game of the Year AND USA Today’s Game of the Year award. In 2015, it won the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences’ Interactive Achievement Awards Fighting Game of the year, IGN’s Best Competitive Multiplayer, People’s Choice Best Competitive Multiplayer and People’s Choice Best Wii U Game and finally in 2016 it won the People’s Choice Awards Best Video Game. Very impressive for it to keep on winning awards 2 years after release. That’s iconic right there!


6.) Tekken 5

Namco, February 24, 2005- PlayStation 2, Arcades

This was a tough one honestly, between Tekken 3 and Tekken 5 and I gotta say that Tekken 5 is my favorite entry in the series. Granted, Tekken 7 did add Akuma to the roster AND into the story, which was awesome and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 does have a f* *k load of characters, this one as a stand-alone title is the best to me. This game brings back the faster game play similar to the older games in the series, as well as 7 new characters bringing the total roster up to 32 playable characters. Tekken 5 included the arcade versions of Tekken, Tekken 2 and Tekken 3 as well as the mini-game Star Blade. It is also the first time in the series that allowed players to customize their fighters by changing the colors of the outfits and equip them with items using money gained from playing the various modes. I didn’t like the beat ‘em up mini-game “The Devil Within”, so I skipped over that. I’m sure you unlock cool sh*t with it, but I wasn’t trippin’. Game play in the matches brought back the air-juggling akin to Tekken 3 as opposed to the less juggle-friendly Tekken 4.

Like I said earlier, there were 7 characters introduced to this game (one isn’t playable in this game)- Asuka Kazama (one of my mains), Feng Wei, Jack-5, Raven aka Discount Wesley “Blade” Snipes, Roger Jr (it’s a kangaroo), Devil Jin and Jinpachi Mishima, the cheap ass boss. This game did keep a lot of the classic characters like Marshall Law, Lei Wulong, Paul Phoenix, Yoshimitsu, Nina Williams, Ling Xiaoyu, Hwoarang, Eddy Gordo and many more. In classic Tekken fashion, there are unlockable characters as well like Anna Williams, Panda, Bruce Irvin and more. The fighting system is tight and fast, fluid and beautiful.

The game was met with critical acclaim, resulting in an 88/100 on Metacritic, 89.20% through Game Rankings and averaged 9s on Game Spot and IGN. It won a couple awards as well, Best Fighting Game of 2005 from Game Spot and Best PlayStation 2 Fighting Game through IGN. It was ranked 6th Best PlayStation 2 game by Complex, and in 2015 was ranked as the 7th Top Modern Arcade Game from As of this writing, this game is 13 years old with three sequels that came after it (Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken 6 and Tekken 7) and yet this game still ranks higher than all the others to me. Play it and you will find out why!


*******************AND NOW FOR THE **************



5.) Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dimps, October 25, 2016- PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

This was a tough entry. I knew that a Dragon Ball game was going to reach my top 5 but the question is which one? Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3? Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3? Super DBZ? Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension? Dragon Ball Z Legends? But in the end, only one could stand above them all and to me it is the sequel to the phenomenal Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse. Lets do a little history: in the first DBX game, you create your own character and chose between male or female and then choose from different races: Human, Saiyan, Namekian, Frieza’s Race or Majin. Each one has its perks I suppose, I have only created Saiyan Males but it doesn’t matter. The story line is that someone is mucking about in the timelines so it is up to you and Future Trunks to set things straight. You go through the typical sagas but in both the original and the sequel, new sh*t is going on: Enemies being stronger than what they are supposed to be, movie characters interjecting themselves into a saga, characters dying or not dying when they are supposed to. It is unique, and that is something brand new to the Dragon Ball Z modern community. (Disclaimer- I am sure that in one of the Japanese or older English remakes of those Dragon ball titles from the past had new sh*t, I don’t know for I didn’t play them. Debate with the weeb down the way!)

At first, the original Xenoverse was very challenging because I didn’t realize the RPG elements added into the game as far as gear was concerned: certain clothing gave you certain advantages and disadvantages. Once I rectified the error of my ways, I was regulating fools with authority. The second game was even better with more characters, side quests (called Parallel Quests), trainers (you can have story characters train you so you can learn their moves), and much more. It even (annoyingly) balanced the game out so you couldn’t spam certain melee attacks and special moves (damn them), making the game more enjoyable for all skill levels.

Honestly, not much changed gameplay-wise going from Xenoverse to Xenoverse 2. But with all of the content added in, the sequel is far superior to its predecessor. My favorite thing about DBX 2 is the continued DLC support. As of this writing on March 17, 2018 there are 6 DLC packs, each more parallel quests, more story quests on every even number pack (2,4 and 6), more trainers and most importantly 2-4 new playable characters, bringing it up to 16 new characters. They even revealed and introduced Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku a week before the show did! The continued support keeps me playing two years later and there is still so much more to do. The DLC also increased the level cap, which is a great idea.

I will admit, I am very biased when it comes to Dragon Ball Z games. That being said, it only scored 72/100 on Metacritic and averaged 7 out of 10s through the various publications. The game didn’t receive any awards but it did do a lot better than the previous installment. Either way, if you are a fan of the series then you owe it to yourself to play this game!


4.) WWE 2K14-2k17

Yukes, October 29, 2013- October 11, 2016-PlayStation 3-4, Xbox 360-One

Disclaimer: I am a very big wrestling fan. Mainly WWE but I am getting hip to the independent scene. That being said, there are very few games in general that I have played more than the WWE games, and I think that only Skyrim holds that heavyweight title. (was that a wrasslin joke? Yes. Yes it was.) WWE 2K series is a pure joy to me. Granted, I have played every single one since it began with the exception of the latest one, 2K18 and that was mainly because I did not have the time to commit to that game. (This is why it is not on the list.) The create-a-character mode has gone up and down throughout the years, but even when there is less options, it is still amazing to give a character all types of moves, looks and entrances and go from there.

My sh*t was always the Universe Mode. I would make up my own story lines and play match after match for countless hours in each game. When I say I play these games a lot, I mean I am playing them all year long and then when the next one comes out I buy that one and start the cycle all over again. And in the recent years, DLC has had a steady stream with new and classic wrestlers, moves, music and more, always leaving the player with someone to wrassle. The homie Tony would come over and we would take our characters on a tag team would tour and just regulate every team, create new teams and stables and then regulate them. We would even create characters, set up matches that are controlled by the computer, pack a bowl and smoke while we watch our fighters fight or change the channel and come back in 15 minutes to see who the victor was.

Each year the game did get better graphically and with better A.I., as well as updated characters and moves. And if you are a fan of the show, each year you have some new character to beat the hell out of. Funny story, back when I played WWE 2k14 I used to always get stuck in matches with Jimmy Wang Yang and would thus regulate him every time. One night, I am serving at Bar Louie and I see this muscular Asian man sitting at the bar. I comment on his size and he says he is a professional wrestler, have I heard of Jimmy Wang Yang? I was like “Holy sh*t, I didn’t recognize you without the big cowboy hat! Damn dude, I was kicking the hell out of you in 2K14 earlier!” I was going to take a picture of that encounter but that was the day my camera decided to act slow as hell (Damn you Samsung) and thus no picture. Still a cool experience.

WWE 2K14 got a 74/100 by Metacritic and averaged 7s by publications, 2K15 took a step back with 62/100, 2K16 moved back up with 73/100 and being called a step in the right direction, and finally 2K17 went backwards again with 69/100. Even with mediocre scores, this is still one of my favorite gaming franchises and I definitely plan on buying 2k19 as soon as it’s released!


3.) Street Fighter Alpha 3

Capcom, June 29, 1998- Arcades, PlayStation 1-3, Dreamcast, Saturn, GBA, PSP, PSN

Oh sh*t, here we go with the heavy hitters! There are many, many Street Fighter games to choose from. And honestly, I love them all… well most of them, I could do without Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game (Yes, that is a real title), and Street Fighter 3 wasn’t my favorite. However, when I think of “my favorite Street Fighter game”, the first thing that comes to mind is Street Fighter Alpha series, and the third one in general. The Alpha series takes place in between Street Fighter and Street Fighter 2 so it is cool to see younger, more anime versions of the characters. The designs were amazing, this series was my first foray into the 2D sprite based fighters and I was hooked ever since. Street Fighter Alpha 2 introduced my favorite character, Evil Ryu and from what I can remember, Street Fighter Alpha 3 introduced pre-match character interactions.

Character interactions changed my entire view on fighting game lore. It was this game that made the characters truly feel like they were a part of a world, not just some random matches like Street Fighter 2 felt like. Seeing Ryu and Ken playing around, Dan cry/scream for his father as Sagat threw his body away, Sagat’s scar glowing when he faces Ryu, Evil Ryu and Akuma doing the demon rage to each other, Akuma and Gen doing their respective special moves to each other, Sagat and Adon doing their sparring session and even more added so much more to the game’s replayability. The special moves were large and flashy, the fighting was crisp and tight and each character felt like their own character. The anime style fit the characters beautifully and the exaggerated proportions made the characters larger than life.

The game came out for like every system ever, from console ports to digital copies, this thing is everywhere. The versions I have played are mainly the console versions on PlayStation and Sega Saturns, as well as arcades so that is what I am ranking. Apparently the PSP and GBA versions had more characters at 38 and 37 respectively but I don’t f**k with handhelds, sorry not sorry! The ish that I grew up with had 34 characters, missing out on Yun, Maki, Ingrid (who tf is that) and Eagle. But those 34 characters were awesome and varied, animated beautifully and fought valiantly with balance and three different special move selections known as “isms”.

You know we like dem scores over here so the game averaged 9s and five stars, earning a 93% on Metacritic. It won the PSM Starplayer award, whatever that is. Regardless, if you want a flashy, polished, memorable game then you need to play Street Fighter Alpha 3. Hmm… this list is missing something….


2.) Mortal Kombat XL

Nether Realm Studios, October 4, 2016 (Original 04-14-15) PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC.

This is an age old discussion in the fighting game community. And it has us torn down the middle pretty much. Either you are a Mortal Kombat head or a Street Fighter head. In the early years, I was much more partial to Street Fighter even though I would purchase every Mortal Kombat that came out, mainly for the fatalities. Then came Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and the whole game changed to me. I am not sure if this is how the controls always have been, but starting at that game I noticed a flow to the play styles. Everything was slowly getting smoother and easier to grasp. Mortal Kombat 9 came out next as well as Injustice, Gods Among Us but finally we got Mortal Kombat X. And then, just like Capcom would do, we got the XL update.

This game as a whole is amazing. The controls are tight and smooth, the characters look absolutely amazing. The story is… well, it is presented pretty great. The plot involves the older characters and now some of their kids, which makes the fights a bit strange: Johnny Cage ripping his daughter apart, Jacqui Briggs killing her father Jax… the story mode had more interesting and strange moments, such as Sub-Zero and Scorpion (now human) having tea-time and settling their differences… But we aren’t here for the drama are we? Hell no, we want to see people getting dismembered and this game has a lot of it! The graphics make the most realistic looking kills so far, the brutalities can be done damn near accidentally, Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th, the Alien from Alien, the Predator from Predator and Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre are among the guest characters so you know sh*t gets gory. It is a fun and fantastic fighting game, and probably the best fighting game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The XL update came with all of the DLC, from every new character to every new costume and it added much to the replay value of the game. The game got mainly positive reviews, getting 86 and 83 out of 100 for the Xbox and PS4 versions respectively and averaging 8s and four stars in the various review publications. It won a few awards as well; The Best Fighting Game from The Game Awards 2015, Best Fighting Game from Game Informer, Best Fighting Game from IGN and Fighting Game of the Year from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, beating out games such as Tekken 7, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Pokken Tournament, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round and BlazBlue: Central Fiction. And now, after 19 entries, lets get on with Number One.


1.) Marvel Vs Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes

Capcom, March 30, 2000- Arcade, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, Xbox, XBL,PSN

F**king Marvel Vs Capcom 2. The best team based fighting game you will ever play. God bless, where to even start…. Graphics are amazing. This style of sprite animation has always been my favorite ever since I first saw it in Street Fighter Alpha. It is something that I have tried to mimic on paper in 2D and I just cannot get it, but damn do I love the way that it looks. This game has withstood the test of time, still being a gorgeous and flashy spectacle even 18 years and multiple console generations later. This game is not only the best fighting game to me, it is also one of the best games of all time.

This game was the fourth installment in the Marvel vs Capcom tag-team style games, bringing out teams of three to regulate instead of just a bunch of dynamic duos. (For the nerds, the three previous games were X-men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, and Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. Capcom, give us all of them in one package already you bastards!) This game features 56 damn playable characters, from the popular such as: Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Storm, Spider-man, Ryu, Ken, Mega Man and Chun -Li to the obscure as f**k like Blackheart, Shuma-Gorath, B.B. Hood, Ruby Heart and others, there was someone for everyone. And because of the overwhelming amount of characters, the three on three combat rarely got boring. However, this game isn’t without its flaws. The soundtrack is repetitive, especially on the character select screens. Because of the big and long battles, going through arcade mode takes forever, to the point where I have only beaten the arcade mode a couple of times. On glaring issue however, is the fact that there are not character specific endings; you will get the same ending regardless of who you beat the game as.

You have to unlock characters using experience points, which could be gained by playing the various modes. The game starts with 24 but then you unlock another 8 playable characters. The ports on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 came with all of the fighters unlocked already. I really enjoyed dealing high damage with the triple supers and teaming up weird combinations to see who could deal the most punishment.

The game received positive reviews upon its release, and even though the numbers varied on the different systems, the hands down best system to play it on was the Sega Dreamcast. It scored 90/100 on Metacritic and averaged 8s and 9s on that system. The other ports didn’t fare as well, but my first console dose of the game was on the Dreamcast. Screw Attack placed it as their second best fighting game ever in 2007 and declared the best 2D Fighting Game by Complex in 2011 and 2013. Also in 2013, Nerdist named it as the most iconic Marvel video game.

Regardless of the scores, this game redefined the team based fighting formula with its intense speed and frantic game play. Even with two “next-generation” sequels, Capcom cannot recapture that lightning in the bottle again. If you can find a copy of this game, I highly recommend it. I do not think it is still on the PlayStation Network or on Xbox Live, but you can find the physical copy somewhere!

And there we have it friends! My top 20 Fighting Games. There are a lot of games that I missed but I will save those for another day. Thank you for reading, and as always: Smoke Out, Live Up, and Game On! I’m Token Drew, and I’m out this bish!

**** Note: The featured picture is “Fighters!” by sarrus! You can find more by this great artist at (which is a link to the page I got this from.)

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