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Listin Sh!T 001- TOP 10 GAMING GENRES



Listin Sh!t With Token Drew

List 001

Top 10 gaming Genres”

Written by “Token” Drew Watson


Welcome readers and/or watchers to my first top ten list for, my name is Drew but my friends call me Token. Introductions are in order: Me, I am a life-long gamer. I think I played my first video game back in 89 maybe. Or 90. Between ages 4 and 5, some sort of history like that. Through the years, I have developed a strong love for all things gaming, movies, anime, comics, music, toys and TV. That love is what I hope to bring to this website and channel. I am also a huge fan of top 10 lists, no matter what the occasion. Although I do get annoyed by the typical number ones; so my goal is to do my best to not give you the same entries and number ones that you have already read and seen throughout the years. So enough about me and my mission, and let’s get on with it!

Damn this was a tough one. So many things to talk about, so many lists to compile. But I wanted my first one to be a good intro to what I am about. We may or may not share similar views, which is what I live for! To hell with fitting into the mold, let’s blaze our own lane! Right… Bringing it back down a bit, I plan on doing a few things for my lists. There will be two types of lists, one that is based off my personal opinion or the opinion of polls and votes, and the other is lists based in facts, which will be by the books I guess. Also, beware of language, spoilers and rants! Time to start Listin Shit!

My Top 10 Video Game Genres

10.) HORROR- 


OK, well the first entry is more of a broad term than actual genre apparently… This encompasses all of the category: Survival Horror, FPS Horror, Action Horror, games with random jump scares, all that sh!t…. Among my least favorite genres to play, however I did enjoy Until Dawn and F.E.A.R., the little bit of that game that I did play… Games like Dead Space, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, even The Last Of Us- the apparent greatest PlayStation game to have ever graced our consoles, I didn’t f**k with them. But I do like to watch game play videos and I do enjoy the characters created in these games, and if they get made into a movie I will be first in line to see it and then rant online about how much it sucked.


This originally would not have made the list at all. That point and click sh!t is not for me at all. However, Tell Tale Games turned the genre into something awesome and with games such as The Walking Dead, Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy, I found myself playing Adventure games. There are a few others that are interesting, such as Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain if you are into that cinematic experience.


Take that childhood! Ha! Listen, I know that this is almost the granddaddy of gaming. Almost everyone in my generation has either played a platformer or has owned a few. I’ll be 100% real, I don’t think have never beaten a traditional platformer! They just weren’t my jam, feel me? As a child, I didn’t even know those games had endings. I just played them until I was bored and moved on to the next one. Games like Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, Contra (Even though that code lives on forever!), Prince of Persia, Crash Bandicoot and even old school games like The Lion King, Aladdin, Earthworm Jim, Castlevania and the legendary Mega Man… Yeah, hard pass on all that sh!t as well. It is a fun challenge, don’t get me wrong but I can only get my ass kicked so many times before I am like to hell with this. Which leads me to the next point:


Ugh, I hate how popular these are. Some I have had fun in, like Halo 1-3, Goldeneye 007 on the N64 (Not that reboot sh!t), Max Payne, Bulletstorm… Those were fun. 3rd person shooters I enjoy but they can get so boring so fast. But what really turns me off to shooters is the online experience. I’m sure you will hear… or read… me say this a lot however, I always have a terrible time online. Either its connection issues, sh!t teammates or sh!t opposition. FPS is one of those things where I see a lot of my homies on Social Media get ragers over sh!t like Destiny, Overwatch, Fortnight, the list goes on. I have a theory about FPS though… and online gamers in general. Maybe I’ll use that for a different piece..


I can feel the potential salt from me ranking Music and Party games above shooter games. Good… Playing these games reminds me of the old days of gaming, where we would meet up at someone’s house and just game the day and night away. Games like Mario Party 1- 654, Wii Sports, Mario Kart and even Smash Brothers though I rather list that in the fighting category, those games are fun as hell with anybody. I’d rank it higher, but 6 is high enough I think. And music games, even though we were getting a dozen every year, those couple of years were great. As a musician, I really enjoyed getting to play drums with my friends, rock out on the plastic guitar and one time attempted to sing Beat It by Michael Jackson to hilarious effects… Not to mention that it opened people up to new genres of music. I remember in my rapper days, I would go to do an open mic somewhere and someone would sing an acoustic version of a rock song and I would hear other rappers exclaim “Oh sh!t, this is my sh!t on Guitar Hero!” And let’s not forget the hardest boss battle of 2007, Through The Fire and Flames on Expert in Guitar Hero 3!

and now for the top 5!


The timeless classic that I truly do not have much time for these days, the 100+ hour masterpieces filled with amazing music, iconic characters, collectibles and WAY TOO MUCH LORE, RPG’s are pretty awesome. My younger years, I didn’t like them too much so I will admit that I skipped over the Chrono Trigger series as well as Dragon Quest, and by the time I played some of Final Fantasy 7 I was already familiar with the entire story. Final Fantasy 9 was the first RPG that I beat, and I loved every minute of that game. Pokemon and Xenosaga were others that I truly enjoyed. I suppose those are considered JRPGs. But there are RPG’s for everybody and every age, and I think that to truly appreciate gaming in general, you owe it to yourself to play a RPG at some point.


It is crazy how this genre can be such a sore subject in the gaming community. I get it, you have the casuals who only play Madden, 2k or Fifabut have you actually tried them? I admit, I didn’t f**k with traditional sports games for most of my life until I became a bartender and had to learn sports talk to hold conversations at the bar. I still cannot get the controls of Fifa, and I can only play NBA games decently for like the first half before everything goes all FUBAR on me. HOWEVER, if we are throwing all types of sports in this bish, then I gotta preach about my love for the SSX series, Need For Speed, Burnout, Fight Night and above all of those, WWE games. If I did this list covering games that I have played the most, I would have to throw WWE in there. Not really the old sh!t, but when they started putting in Create-A-Character, Create-A-Entrance and Create-A-Finisher, I was hooked. I was putting in my own comic characters in the game, I was playing story lines with my rap partner and best friend Tony for hours on end. I didn’t get the latest however, WWE 2k18 due to time constraints.


I know, this is really a sub genre of RPG but it’s like night and day at most times. Some of my absolute favorite games are in this genre, such as Skyrim, Mass Effect 1-3 (f**k Andromeda!), Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic, and Bioshock Infinite. Other great games are Half-Life, Fable, The Witcher, Final Fantasy XV just to name a few. Its amazing how immersive these games are, and once RPGs grew up out of the turn based system, I found myself on the edge of my seat as I leveled up and became even more bad ass. Do you remember the unholy hype with Skyrim’s first official trailer came out?


Damn, I thought this was going to be number 1! Fighting games are my jam. I have played so many different types over the years. I even have Evil Ryu (dressed as a Red Lantern) tattooed on me! My first video game I ever played was Street Fighter 2 in the arcades in the early 90’s. And it is so awesome that the past 5 or so years has been a huge resurgence of the fighting game genre. The grand-daddies of the fist, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat are still relevant to this day, other greats such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, Dead or Alive, Smash Brothers, Tekken, Virtual Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom… the list goes on! Better believe I will be doing fighting game lists! Every match could be edge of your seat, nail biting and absolutely amazing. Like this for instance, you owe it to yourself to watch this match if you never have before. (Especially the last like 24 seconds):

And Now…


The genre that has taken over the industry, and is my personal favorite. The Open World, high octane, epic story, epic cinematography, damn this is my sh!t! Devil May Cry was the first Action Adventure game that blew my mind away. So much so that I named my first born son Dante after the main character. There are so many awesome games that I still play to this day, and even the not so great ones are still bad ass. Games like Devil May Cry, God Of War, Bayonetta, the Legend of Zelda, GTA, Uncharted, Castlevania, Assassin’s Creed, the list goes on. I instantly fell in love with the open world style of games and back in my early 20s, aka the PS2 days I would hope that in the future we would get more open world action games and here we are, just every other game is open world! Or action packed! Or both! The cool sh!t about this genre is that it can be played in however your play style wants to be. If I feel like sneaking around for sh!ts and giggles, then so be it. If I want to be a bad ass bad ass and just go in guns blazing, rock on! If I want to just explore and not even battle people, its all there.

OK everyone, we made it! My first list, I figure this will give you a good idea of the type of gamer I am and what I personally enjoy. Until next time, hit that J, unpause the game and let’s play on!

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