As sad as it is to say, Life is Strange: Before the Storm has come to an end, with all of the main episodes now having been released for some time now. Luckily though, the bonus episode titled Farewell, has made its debut today, allowing fans alike to jump back into the shoes of Max Caulfield and venture back in time to when her and Chloe were much younger.

Set before Max had moved and Chloe’s world had been ripped to pieces, Farewell acts as a final chance to dive deeper into the Life is Strange franchise and take a look at things before they were complicated and the world rested upon these beloved characters shoulders.

Along with its launch today, a trailer has been released providing another look at what players can expect from the game (if we know the franchise well, we’re guessing fun gameplay and also most definitely some tears.)

To check that out simply play the trailer down below.

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