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Inner Riddle | Escaping with a Twist



The puzzle game genre is one bubbling with elaborate titles and differing tales.

Each bringing their own unique spin to the table of endless possibilities and tricky tests.

Inner Riddle, a single player puzzle game by Growfall Studios is no exception to this. Influenced by the Escape the Room genre, players take control of a kidnapped journalist who has been locked in a curiously decorated “cage,” that being medieval style. Currently about to be in the funding stage with their campaign launching tomorrow, the developers take creativity to a new level with their well designed scenes and intriguing story.

Being pushed in the direction of unfolding secrets and peeling back the layers of other odd disappearances, the player must solve numerous puzzles and riddles in an attempt to salvage their life and escape what seems like the ultimate form of doom.

Growfall have also stated that if a funding stage is reached, there will also be the inclusion of a Horror mode, this mode will include a more “horrific atmosphere, additional events, puzzles, a plot and an ending.”

The game itself is developed by a small team of game enthusiasts and will mark their first big project. With an infinity for “beautiful and interesting video games for people to enjoy.” Inner Riddle already looks to be a remarkably promising title.

Although the campaign doesn’t officially launch until tomorrow, if you’re interested in checking the game out, you can head to their website at to check out the actual campaign be sure to click here tomorrow to check out further details.

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