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Horrifying Mod Turns Lady Dimitrescu Into Thomas the Tank Engine



If by looking at the title you are wondering whether or not Lady Dimitrescu as Thomas the Tank engine is something you REALLY want to see, it’s safe the say the answer is probably no.

Thomas the Tank engine himself is no stranger to the Resident Evil series, being modded into other games at different points in time. Usually resulting in something that can only be deemed as both unsettling and horrifying. Although this is so, the train keeps rolling with yet another mod added to that list.

The mod this arrived this week accompanied with a demo showcasing what it would look like if Lady Dimitrescu’s face was instead replaced with the train himself creating imagery that could only be seen in the nightmares of fans alike, you can check out the preview down below and the mod itself is also available to download for anyone who wishes to try it themselves.

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