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FEATURE: The Game Development World Championship



As gamers, it’s not far fetched to say that we like to compete.

This can be expressed through various examples, Overwatch’s competitive play, Call of Duty’s Multiplayer or, even one of the most recent games to refer to Fornite’s Battle Royale.

It’s in our DNA as gamers to strive to push to be the best, or at least win majority of the time, and what better way to do that then go head to head up against one another through different titles.

But playing video games isn’t the only way to compete, there’s also Game Development where developers to verse one another, putting forth their creations and letting us as players delve into their crafted worlds. A great example of this is The Game Development World Championship, an annual competition for indie game developers or even students to submit their projects and get their games out into the world, through a platform that can reach a large audience. In fact, the competition is aimed at exactly that, working to support indie devs and increase exposure.

Now this isn’t a sponsored post, you guys know that we love indie’s and that’s exactly why we are posting about it. The competition is free of charge, developers can join and submit there games, and there’s even prizes to be won across each category.

GDWC’S mission? As stated on their site “We believe in new game developers and want to give them the chance to show their games for a large audience. For game developers, this is an easy opportunity to get extra visibility for yourselves, help to motivate yourselves and most importantly, it doesn’t cost a penny.”

So what are you waiting for?! The final day to enter and submit your game is the 30th of September 2018, if you’re interested simply CLICK HERE. Below you can also view a showcase video featuring the winners from 2017.

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