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Far Cry 5 : A Following To Consider



I will admit I started my journey to the release of Far Cry 5 fan boying more then I have over any other game really.

But, the reason for that is Far Cry 3, which was probably one of my favorite games I have ever played. Far Cry 3 took me from disliking first person view and never having tried the franchise to me spending months beating it different ways with different weapons. If felt like I was introduced to gaming again because I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new.

Then came Primal and Far Cry 4, Far Cry 4 reminded me of an updated Far Cry 3 and Primal was just something I thought was a great idea with a bad execution.

Out of no where (I probably wasn’t paying attention to rumors) comes the trailer for far cry 5, I thought it looked like it was going to probably be one of the best the series had to offer. So in between my complaining because of push back dates and Ubisoft having an up and down streak that looked like it was a theme park diagram for a roller coaster I waited..

Release day at exactly 12:04 I started Far Cry 5, It has been one of my favorite experiences in recent years. I get everyone likes huge open world multiplayers but I enjoy a nice story and maybe a co-op I can do with a friend if they wanna play or by myself if I want to play. Far Cry 5 has that, it has the best of both worlds and there is a TON of things to do in it. So with all of this being said lets get to my review.


The game play did not reinvent the wheel, but tbh it did not have to. It isn’t clunky and hasn’t been. It stuck with a similar formula that has proven to work well. I mean if something is not broken why fix it.


I personally love the story, I think it takes a drive into the world of cultism and does a wonderful job of it.


I think the setting is awesome, the country, backwoods aspect is awesome.


The soundtrack has been really good. I wish there was more options on the radio but the options that are there is great.

Final Thoughts:

As you can tell, I am a big fan of this game. If you are not that is ok. But if you enjoyed Far Cry 3 I would definitely give Far Cry 5 a chance.

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