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Ever Wanted to Eat Like a Witcher? Now You Can with Witcher Kitchen



Are you one to be curious about what the diet of your favorite video game character would look like?

If one of those characters is a rugged Witcher who travels far and wide, then you’re in luck.

Witcher Kitchen is a fan made non-profit project which works to “transform your kitchen into an atmospheric inn filled with tempting scents and flavors.” What’s more is it brings to life carefully picked recipes which you may see placed upon the table if you were to somehow be transported into the world of The Witcher.

The site features various hyperlinks to pages including a blog , the team and even a gwent e-book but, if you’re looking for delicacies and delights there’s a whole page including recipes, which of course are also sorted into categories. Some of these include Honey Spice Cake from The Witcher 3 – Blood and Wine, a Chicken Sandwich, Toffee and even an appetizing Elf and Onion Soup.

Be sure to check the site out and here’s a last blurb that comes from a page going into more description about the project. “Are there any fans of strigas, wyverns and drowners? Or lovers of good food and beverages? If so, you will surely be interested in a set of recipes for dishes, which were enjoyed by Geralt from Rivia himself, and which we were able to collect and adapt. We invite you for a culinary journey through the plates and bowls of the Witcher universe!”

Site Link: Click here.

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