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Drew’s Reviews: Avengers Infinity War **SPOILERS**





Infinity War

Release Date- 04/27/2018

Rated- PG-13




What’s up everyone, its ya boi Token Drew and we are here with another edition of Drew’s Reviews. Today we are talking about the record breaking, 10 year building, holy sh*t of a movie known as Avengers Infinity War. 

So this review may seem a little biased. Just a bit… For Thanos is one of my favorite villains in the comics and the infinity gauntlet is my favorite item/weapon in all of fictional media. So going into this movie, I felt both very excited and also hella cynical because I had my doubts. Did the movie squash those doubts or did the movie let me down? 


So lets start off with the negatives. Character Changes and some Character Interactions I didn’t like. The Guardians of the Galaxy seemed very different than how they were when they last were together. Peter Quill and Gamora were more of an actual lovey couple, which was weird given how Gamora was raised and pushed him away from being too close. Gamora also played the role of Damsel in Distress in this movie, which just seemed against her character in both the mcu and the comics. Thor was a dick to the GotG, which was a switch from his character in the previous movie but then again it happened after Thanos attacked him so it is understandable. Doctor Strange and Tony Stark’s interactions were offputting, though it fit with their character. Thunderbolt Ross and his “arrest Captain America” shit even though spaceships were arriving on Earth was obnoxious. The fact that Hulk never came out didn’t do much for his character, being scared is one thing but being a coward? Come on Hulk. Granted it was the first time that he ever got regulated, and Thanos definitely put dem hands on ol boi for sure. 

No Cameos for upcoming characters- Even though the movie didn’t need the typical extra sh*t, it would have been dope to see something from the extended universe. One of the cosmic enteties. Silver Surfer. Adam Warlock. Something. Even though the end scene did have the call to Captain Marvel, if you do not know her logo then you would have no idea what that was all about. 

Now let us discuss the positives


Honestly, I had to force the negatives out. They were very superficial and most were explained via story or knowledge of the lore. Real talk, I loved the movie. And I was bracing myself to be disappointed the whole time and yet holy hell! Ok let’s start from the top. 

The movie starts with Thanos attacking Thor’s ship. It was amazing just seeing Thanos in his full armor just totally regulating the Asgardians. Hulk tried to go one on one with Thanos, and yet Thanos swiftly whupped up on him to the point where the Hulk was actually scared to show his green @$$ for the rest of the movie! Revealing that Thanos already has the Power Stone, he gets the Space Stone after killing Loki and moves on with his quest. Hiemdal also dies in this scene right after he opens his last bifrost to send Hulk back to Earth. 

God, I don’t want to give you a synopsis of the movie in my excitement talking about it again. But this is one of the very few movies that I can remember every scene to, every bit of information I absorbed during the film. The pacing was great, the humor was right, unlike Thor 3 where it was like a modern comedy movie. The powers of the gauntlet are in full force, from stopping time to literally altering reality, even though it is depicted as a sort of illusion that is real. The Mind and Soul Stones do not really do much in this movie, and the Power Stone is really used to break apart that moon that Thanos shoots at Iron Man and company. 

So I was expecting to see every hero together for a big final set piece, but in reality there were three plots going along: Team A Iron Man, with Dr Strange and Spiderman going to Titan where they team up with Star Lord, Mantis and Drax to confront Thanos himself. With them they had the Time Stone. Team B was trying to protect Vision, who had the Mind Stone from Thanos’s Black Order Members: Proxima Midnight, Corvious Glaive and Super Giant (who may have a different name in this movie, they never really say any of the names except for Ebony Maw.). So Team B consists of Captain America, Falcon, War Machine, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Bruce Banner. 

They head to Wakanda to enlist the help of Black Panther, his Dora Milaje and the Jibari tribe to protect Vision. Wanda has an alternate mission of destroying the Mind Stone. Team C is the team of Thor, Rocket and Groot on a mission to get Thor a new weapon from the smith that built it. Team D would be Thanos and Gamora on his quest to find the Soul Stone. So never do we get to see a full on lineup of the entire MCU to face down Thanos, but the way that it was done was still amazing. 

Thanos was incredible. The best Marvel villain of all, Josh Brolin’s portrayal is topped only by Heath Ledger as the Joker. He gets all of the complexeties of the character perfectly, he fully believes in his mission and that what he is doing is right for the universe. The sacrafices he makes actually hurts him, and though he is ruthless and brutal, I really do not see him as evil. He seems more like Post Infinity Gauntlet Thanos from the comics, more than just an evil warlord. Goddamn was he good. 

The gauntlet was awesome. When they showed the Reality Stone at work, I got hyped. It was great seeing on the big screen. The action was incredible, but it always is in Marvel Movies. However, the action wasn’t as visually jaw dropping as Dr Strange or even the other Avengers movies. It was very straight to the point, nothing very fancy with the camera work or anything, except on Titan. 

Everybody got their time to shine in the movie. Everyone had lines and moments to show off their abilites. There were alot of laugh out loud moments, a lot of wow moments and then the ending of all endings. 

The ending. Wow. They did it friends. They actually had the balls to do it. If you have read the comic, then all I need to type is one word and you know what I mean. 


Verdict- Amazing. 10 out of 10. The few faults the movie has doesnt take away from the amazing journey we had to get to this point. 10 year anniversary done amazingly. DC, you had better step your game up or stick to animation because unless you do something epic there is no way you can come close to this. 

Five Stars. 


Four Thumbs Up

In fact, this movie shall get the first of a new award: the Blazin Award. When somethin is so damn good, you just have to blaze to celebrate. Blaze Up my friends and go see this amazing movie. I’m Token Drew and this has been Drew’s Reviews. Smoke Out, Game On and Live Up. 

**Oh yeah! There is a verbal flaw, when Thanos and Gamora are going to the Soul Stone, the keeper calls Thanos the son of Eros. WRONG. Eros is Thanos’ brother. Mentor is Thanos’ father! Get ya shit together Marvel, or hire me to fact check all of your easter eggs! 

** Only one end credit scene. **

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