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Did This Overwatch Teaser Reveal The Next Hero?



Blizzard is all for teasers and cryptic messages that point to the release of new information, usually regarding the newest hero’s or hidden lore that they are ready to reveal.

The latest piece of information to service is a declassified After-Action report for an operation titled “White Dome.” In this file is text describing where this operation took place, what happened and who was involved. The familiar names being Captain Ana Amari, Reinhardt and Torbjorn. Although intriguing the standout name which can be noticed from the file is a “Private First Class Emre Sariogulu” causing speculation about the fact that this may be the next hero to make its debut on the character roster. The full tweet featuring the report can be viewed down below.

At this current time the teaser is all the information that Blizzard has released, but expect to see some more in the near future, hopefully shedding some light on whether or not this is our next hero and what exactly their backstory is.

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