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Detroit: Become Human Release Date Announced



We’ve seen the gameplay, watched the trailers and now Detroit: Become Human has gained a release day of May 25.

David Cage the man behind studio Quantic Dream, took to the Playstation Blog to make the announcement the subtitle of the post stating “Your actions will decide the fates of three androids in the French studio’s sophisticated new adventure.” This post contained screenshots and details delving into the fact that choices and actions in the game will have real consequences, he also spoke about the game being “the most ambitious title ever created by Quantic Dream: with this game, we wanted to push our limits by creating the most bending game we have ever made.”

Another section went on to elaborate about how each of the characters stories are “almost as unique as your DNA: it is the result of the choices you made, the minor ones and the important ones, because in Detroit, all choices matter. You will need to observe, think, decide, feel, follow your intuition or your heart, to tell the unique stories of each character, and their stories will become your personal story.”

With previous trailer releases the game has caused debate due to its will to explore topics and themes that can be deemed as controversial, Cage also touched on this towards the end of the post with a statement that read “This game may be seen as controversial as it explores a number of sensitive topics that some people may consider inappropriate or taboo for video games, but maybe this is the most fascinating aspect of Detroit.” A fact that is more certainly true that we also look forward to exploring once the game is released. For more information or if you’d just like to check it out, you can head over to the Playstation Blog and read Cage’s full post.

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