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Damsel | The Dark 2D Platformer



Platformers are always compelling.

They are a type of game that no matter how many seem to enter into the genre, each brings something unique and different to the table. The art styles vary dramatically, the stories and characters flourish and pass through their own challenges, and the gameplay is always a hit, pushing to immerse the player in a world where blasting through enemies means you’re working to strategically reach the end of each challenging level.

Damsel is a fast paced arcade platformer, channeling dark graphics and a synth soundtrack. Currently available to play through Early Access in Steam it’s another example of an entry that strikes a unique tone, featuring enemies, various missions and the hero Damsel, a government agent working to save the world from vicious (but well dressed) corporate vampires.

It’s the type of game that is interactive and engaging with mini games, hostages to rescue and multiple moves that you can make use of when attempting to rid each level of the blood sucking vampires that have taken over this well constructed world. That’s one of the main notable things about this game, there’s so many different things that tie into together there’s the props, the additional tasks and even more than the growing difficulty that as you continue deeper into the levels, only escalates.

The controls are smooth and fluid, the world is easy (but also challenging) to navigate through and more than anything, Damsel is a title that someone could spend a large amount of time playing because it isn’t at all repetitive or boring, even after completing a large amount stages.

It could certainly been seen as a standout title that sets itself apart from others that come to early access, also due to the fact that it strives to provide that solid gaming experience, furthered by updates and added stages that fill out this epic indie game.

Something that is easy to notice with any game is whether or not the team behind it are passionate about their product and with Screwtape Studios you can see this engagement and passion they have for their game and that is one of the main foundations that work to make any new title a success.

To sum it up below we have featured our gameplay video of us testing out the game, something I’d like to make more of to explore even further into the depths of the world Screwtape Studios has worked so hard to create in Damsel.

Check out Damsel for yourself:

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