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Unreal Engine 4 meets Nintendo! Zelda Ocarina Of Time / Temple of Time HD

Youtuber CryZENx has posted a video of Zelda Ocarina of Time/ Temple of Time on their channel. Although this might sound like a regular thing to do, the standout aspect of this, is the fact that it is a remade version that has been created in the Unreal Engine 4, featuring crisp graphics that look out of this world. To see for yourself, check out the video down below!

Sea of Thieves Scale Test Now Live

Players unite, treasures beware, for those who had access to the first closed beta for Sea of Thieves, another is now live beginning today February 16. Labeled a Scale Test, this second beta will carry on until February 18, providing Rare with an opportunity to “test a lot of the work we’ve done since the closed beta, and to try and hit a higher concurrent players number than we’...[Read More]

Overwatch PTR Update Aimed at Mei, Doomfist & Sombra

Blizzard is a company that is heavily engaged with their online multiplayer title Overwatch, meaning that updates and changes aren’t a rare occurance. In the latest Developer Update details were given on which characters will be recieving some changes to test, those of which being Mei, Doomfist and Sombra. Regarding Mei, the character is set to get some buffs, in the form of her freeze abili...[Read More]

Queen Bee Games Announces Spinch

Queen Bee Games, the indie developers behind Onion Force have announced their second game, a side-scrolling platformer which goes by the name of Spinch. Featuring supreme artwork and retro colors that walk the path of psychedelic Spinch look to be a fresh title that will surely make a splash across Steam and in the indie gaming community. With the official announcement also came screenshots, a des...[Read More]

New Kingdom Hearts Screens Released + Monster Inc World Announced

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a game that has been in development for a pretty big amount of time now, but with it’s currently anticipted 2018 release, Square Enix is shedding even more light of what players can expect to see in the upcoming RPG. At the recent D23 event which took place on February 12, a bunch on new screens, not to mention a new trailer was launched, showing off more gameplay, while ...[Read More]

Why We Can’t Wait to Play Sea of Thieves

So, the Sea of Thieves closed beta is over but that doesn’t mean that we still aren’t thinking of the adventurous pirate title that allows players to explore the open seas, battle it out with fellow enemies or even sink to the bottom of the ocean after losing your entire ship. With that being said, there was a mixture of different things that we noticed whilst playing, all of which we were insanel...[Read More]

CD Projekt Red Set to Attend E3

CD Projekt Red is well known for their outstanding titles that harbor large amounts of fans and deliver nothing but high quality gameplay. With it being a new year, E3 is something that is already in the minds of gamers and developers alike, in this case in the form of seeing CD Projekt Red joining one of the listed “Participating Companies” as shown on the E3 website. Other companies ...[Read More]

Overwatch Lunar New Year Event

Overwatch is known for its creative events that carry on throughout the year which bring new custom items and even skins. In a recent tweet, Blizzard has announced the next one, the Lunar New Event, Year of the Dog which will go live on Febuary 8 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC! Although there is not currently a trailer (which usually come much closer if not when the event begins), they did post...[Read More]

Overwatch & Chill | Twitch Stream

So last night as we usually like to do, we streamed some Overwatch, and here is the video just in case you missed it! This stream featured some losing, some frustrations and a valiant triumph in the end that made it alllll worth it.

Red Dead 2 Delayed BUT Release Date Announced

After an amount of silence from Rockstar Games, the acclaimed studio has announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 will makes its way to console for Playstation 4 and Xbox One on October 26, 2018. Although this is a delay and a little off from the last anticipated release which would see the game launching in Spring, the post came from Rockstar Games blog, meaning that all rumors have now gone out the ...[Read More]

Crushin’ & Suckin’ in Overwatch

Missed one of our streams? Don’t fret! We’ll be posting a lot of them here too! Check out some of our footage from last nights stream in Overwatch.

A Return | Rebuilding Wake & Game

So, Wake and Gamers… It’s been awhile. Some time has passed, new games have been released and even though we’ve been down for awhile we’ve sat back and watched. We’ve watched to see how news is covered, what types of content people are creating, all the while putting together our own plan and ideas of how we want to contribute to the industry that is video games, a place where ou...[Read More]

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