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Did This Overwatch Teaser Reveal The Next Hero?

Blizzard is all for teasers and cryptic messages that point to the release of new information, usually regarding the newest hero’s or hidden lore that the...[Read More]

Burnout Paradise to Receive Remaster

The famed title Burnout Paradise is getting a remaster across the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC (at a later date), as has been announced by publisher EA. This ...[Read More]

Sea of Thieves Scale Test Now Live

Players unite, treasures beware, for those who had access to the first closed beta for Sea of Thieves, another is now live beginning today February 16. Labeled ...[Read More]

Overwatch PTR Update Aimed at Mei, Doomfist & Sombra

Blizzard is a company that is heavily engaged with their online multiplayer title Overwatch, meaning that updates and changes aren’t a rare occurance. In ...[Read More]


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